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I love Dan's movies. Who is this boy? Together, you represent the harmony between tradition and progress. My father taught me how to swim.

A massive coverup was orchestrated at the highest levels of government. I called her today. Can I find you on Facebook? Smoke comes out of the chimney. Brandi xeroxed the document. I have 13 cats. I don't care what it costs. You should've come yesterday. Must we wait for them here? Are they willing to leave?

He was given a gold watch as a reward. He lives on this street.

Be careful. It's very sharp. Tandy is freaked.

Laurent is pretty bad off. My hobby is learning languages.

Jos wiped the table. At Wimbledon there are now special electronic machines to judge the serves. Lea and I are almost the same height.

Part opposed the shutdown. Leo was finally able to get his car started. I was told that you could teach me how to sharpen a knife. Cats are social animals. While she is writing, her dad will supervise. Cynthia is a terrible singer.

When do you use it? I don't like bad boys. I always knew you were going to be rich. Being an astronaut was always my first dream. Some of them are too much to bear. Shaw watched a Japanese movie with French subtitles. Can somebody help? So far nothing planned, but who knows. I don't understand this diagram.

I finally got a job.

The champion was welcomed by large crowds. Charlene stood silently. Jim's uncle is due to retire next year. He couldn't resist. We have no time to waste. Ramneek pretends not to care about money. This used to belong to us. Do they know about us?

Do you know how many tourists come to Boston every day? As soon as Pinocchio was in bed, he fell fast asleep and began to dream. I needed to talk to you. Estonia is called "Eesti" in Estonian.

You shouldn't spend more than you earn. Were any of those kids Frederic's classmates? He said, "I want to be a doctor." If you have something to say, say it now or pipe down. Michelle can't believe how happy Marcia seems to be. Where did Queen Victoria get married? I have a different opinion. I must have misunderstood. Sir mowed Saify's lawn for her. You need to stay away from Raphael.

I still think Clem is a racist. Death is the fate of all people.

She has many faults. That doesn't belong in here. It turned out to be the truth. Why don't you go help him? We made an attempt to climb up a tree. He has a lot of teaching experience.

Let's change the topic. Don't worry about how much it costs, as long as it's reasonable. Dan introduced Linda to Matt and Rita. I asked him to come at eight, but he turned up at nine. Even if only one Russian hamlet remains, even then Russia will revive. My favorite song is "Hotel Tatoeba". Take me to them. Didn't you find out about your daughter's wedding? Did they say how?

I'd like to ask you about Julian. Here are my papers.

Could I have everyone's attention, please? Jim says he goes jogging at least three times a week. I must do that. Am I still on the right road? Sergio gave away everything he owned. The show was wonderful. You should have seen it.